Beck - Qué Onda Guero
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"Que Onda Guero" - Beck

Currently watching Beck’s Coachella set.

This is radical. 

juanalikesmusic replied to your post “I think the music of Lorde sucks. ”

I used to think the same until I saw her live last week. Her studio album might not be mindblowing, but I think she might get to be better in the future

I think it’s her voice that is unappealing to me though. I’ve seen live videos and I’m just not picking up what she’s putting down.
I will say this much. She does have a lot of charisma when she’s performing live and that’s always nice. 

Fat privilege is being very good at making excuses for horrible lifestyle choices so you don’t have to shoulder the blame. 

Fat privilege is being able to eat as much as you want of whatever you want and then blaming the resulting obesity on your genetics. 

why are you so mad lol

Being mad is my shtick. 

"If you’re not drinkin’, then you’re not playin’."

Is this really something that people on the west coast United States say? 
Why do I feel like Lana Del Rey fabricated this supposed “saying”. 

Oh, because it’s awful. That would explain why I’m so skeptical of the validity of this phrase. 


Lana Del Rey is such a horrible walking talentless cliche who was clearly thrown together by some genius marketing whiz-kid trying to capitalize on hipster-chic.
This new song has me feeling all kinds of offended. 


In the name of everything that is good and holy please release a horrible plague unto either Lana Del Rey’s vocal chords or every other human being’s ear drums so that this vile noise shall never be heard again.


REVIEW: Lana Del Rey - “West Coast”

Lana Del Rey is an artist for fans of soulless, surface level music that want to be hip without having to think too much.

I think the music of Lorde sucks. 


Sesame Street featuring Stevie Wonder, 1973.

Grover and Stevie. :’)


Sesame Street featuring Stevie Wonder, 1973.

Grover and Stevie.


k-os - AquaCityBoy
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"AquaCityBoy" - k-os

…This was a close second. 

k-os - Dirty Water
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"Dirty Water" - k-os

This was my most played song on my iPod from 2007-20011. 

Middle aged folks don’t seem to understand social network etiquette.